Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Five Favorite Ingredients

I'm a list girl. I have all kinds of lists all over my house. Most of them are shopping lists, some are to-do lists, and others are, well, just lists. It's such a quick way to say so much, I think. So concise. And as an English major, I have to say, concision is cool.

I'll post lists here a lot; I already have several ideas for other lists to post here, and who knows how many others I'll come up with! I hope they prove helpful. They certainly prove cathartic for me.

My top 5 ingredients:
  1. garden tomatoes
  2. leeks
  3. red wine vinegar
  4. plain yogurt
  5. jalapenos
I love the flavor these impart and what they do in recipes. I'm betting these will appear quite frequently in my recipes here.

What are your favorite ingredients? Not the ones you use the most, but the ones you like the best?

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