Thursday, April 15, 2010

Penzey's Spices

I just got my first order from Penzey's and I'm so excited to try them. I have resisted ordering spices online because I figured my palate was not that discerning and that it really couldn't matter that much. But, then I ran out of Herbes de Provence, which I bought in Provence when I was there a couple of years ago, and I cannot survive without my Provencal herbs. I use them several times a week. And it's not exactly an herb you can pick up on your way home, at least around where I live. But, it is available through online spice merchants. I checked out Spice House and Penzey's, and Penzey's was cheaper AFTER shipping, which I thought was interesting. So, that's where I ordered from. And it came today! When I opened the box, I was hit in the face with the lovely scent of herbs and pepper. It was intoxicating. I will never doubt the importance of high quality spices and herbs again.

I am SO excited. In addition to Herbes de Provence, I ordered some European peppercorns, medium chili powder, cayenne pepper, and taco seasoning (I had to make it worth paying for shipping, right?). They also sent me a sample jar of mild chili powder, and I would have been more excited for a different sample, since I ordered a chili powder anyway, but what can you do? I wasn't expecting the little sample jar anyway, so it was a nice surprise. Thank you, Penzey's!

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