Friday, April 2, 2010

My Kitchen Wish List

There are endless kitchen tools to buy. Some very handy, others...not so much. Does anyone really need onion goggles? I don't think so...and I (personally) believe that there is something to be said for an uncluttered kitchen.  Some things are indispensable, though, and warrant the space. Like the two sets of measuring cups and spoons I have. Because, don't you know that whenever I go to cook, my 1 teaspoon is inevitably in the dishwasher. And while I do a lot of measuring with my palm, sometimes you need precision.

So, getting back on track, there are lots of cool things. Here's my kitchen wish list.
  1. Microplane Zester
  2. A Really Nice Knife
  3. Mandolin
  4. Digital Kitchen Scale
  5. Le Creuset French Oven
These are things I think would be highly useful (and I've seen other food bloggers RAVE about them...) but I have gotten by without them for so long...and when Christmas rolls around, well, I forget. So, Trusty Dishwasher Jeff, here's a go-to gift list. You know what? Mother's Day is coming...

What kitchen items are you dying to have?

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