Thursday, June 3, 2010

Does it feel like I'm slacking?

Because I am. I apologize. This time of year is hectic for everyone, I know. Within about 4 weeks, we have mother's day, memorial day, and father's day, and families with school-aged children deal with the last days of school. On top of that, I have Jeff's birthday and our anniversary, and I've been taking a graduate class, so we have our final projects and final exam coming up in about a week. Then I have a good friend from Paris coming to stay for a week (which I'm SUPER excited about; I haven't seen her in 3 years! It just means I'll be busy). Life is crazy.

I have things in queue for this blog...kind of. I have a post written about strawberry ice cream. But not pictures. I have pictures of a delicious bundt cake. But no post. And I have mango ice cream in the freezer waiting for a post and pictures.

I started this blog with the goal of posting 3 times a week. I thought that was very doable. Not quite daily, like blogging rockstars, but not terribly infrequent either, like blogging slackers. But then life happened.

Life always happens.

And you know, I wouldn't have it any other way. Because the truth is, this blog is fun. And that's all it's supposed to be. It's not supposed to be my life. I have a life. I have a dishwashing-rockstar of a husband and a little daughter and an MA program. Not to mention good friends, extended family, and a very social neighborhood.

This is not a goodbye, although I know it sounds like one.

It's a justification for my infrequent posting habits. I'll tell you what, though.

My final exam is on June 16th. After that, I'll get cooking and posting (before school starts again in the fall...).

I'll do more challenges, which is in part why I started this blog. To keep me honest, here are some self-imposed deadlines.

June 20th: I'll make ravioli from scratch (pasta and all)
July 15th: I'll bake bagels
August 4th: I'll make couscous (I'm sure this one is simple...but it's not something I have ever done)
August 20th: I'll bake lemon bars (ditto)

In addition to these, I'll continue posting other recipes, obviously...

I dunno. It sounds like a fun summer!


  1. May was so crazy this year and things are just starting to return to "normal" for us. You have no reason to feel guilty! I have trouble keeping up with those blogging rockstars anyway! I'm looking forward to the bagels though!

  2. Me too, Marzipanmom! I hope they turn out well; I love good bagels and we just don't have a good bagel shop around here. Einstein's anyone?